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Why do I teach sewing? For some reason I am driven to pass on this important skill to anyone who has a desire. It's not for money or fame...lol...It's something I sincerely love...a gift my mother gave me. And I didn't realize it at the time, when she was leaning over me "making me" make my first dress at 8 years old, but it has become one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Not to mention a HUGE money saving skill for my family. I can sew anything. I can fix anything. I can make clothes, crafty gifts, bless homeless folks with warm quilts in winter...and, most of all, I can network with other friends who sew, get ideas, share, create, let my imagination and vision fly with possibilities. It's ingrained in my heart and soul.

As I look at today's young people, most of whom have never had any exposure to the home arts, either through parents passing it down or a home-ec class, I am saddened to think that they have been denied the possibility of creating something of wonder from fabric and thread. Many can't sew a button on, hem a pair of pants...From what I understand, a lot of clothes that could easily be saved are either abandoned or are sent to a seamstress (like me) for an expensive repair, or hems are just left dragging on the floor to eventually tear away. Why is this? We've missed teaching our kids the basics of living...and not just in the sewing realm. Many can't even fry an egg....and are missing out on the joys of cooking a creative dish to enjoy, as well.

I am on a mission to bring home arts back to the schools, back to homes everywhere. Not only is it enjoyable to be able to say, "I made it myself," it's also such a money saver and a help to your family. That's why I started Merrillee's Sewing Studio. It was simply a heart thing...a desire to share and help the next generation (and my own who missed it) to be able to live sustainable lives in the area of home arts. We are coming into a time where sustainability in the home, such as growing our own food, re-purposing cast away junk into something useful and yes, getting back into the home arts are more important than ever.

I price my classes in a way that makes it possible for just about everyone to be able to learn to sew. I have provided sewing machines and all the supplies a person needs to begin to learn and decide for themselves if they want to invest in their own machines and own this important life skill. I will even help you find an appropriate machine within your price range...new or used. It's that important to me.

If you or your teens would like to learn to sew...for fun, for profit, for sustainability's sake....check out my classes. Call me and let's talk. I can always work something out for you.

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