Fitted Washable Face Masks -- FREE SHIPPING -- "Since We Have To, Be Fashionable!"

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Our washable masks are made from 100% cotton quilters quality fabric..  It contains a pocket to add a filter.   Elastic goes around your head and behind your neck. Hubby says it's super comfortable. Adjustable toggle in the back to hold it in place, and, of course, the nose area is bendable to form to your face. I feel this is one of the best, most protective fabric masks that can be made at this time. Available in sizes for Adults and smaller Children in MANY styles and colors. Wash in warm water, hang to dry.   "Since we have to, be fashionable!"

PLEASE NOTE!  WE do our best to send you the exact style of fabric mask you choose. Butdue to availability, we may substitute with a fabric which could be a little different, but the same theme.