Sustainable Living Sewing Class Saturday, April 4, 10 am to noon

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SUSTAINABLE LIVING is a buzzword we are all familiar with. Would you like to learn a seriously great sustainable living skill? SEWING! RE-use, RE-purpose, RE-pair and alter items you would otherwise throw away or replace!
Learning to sew will add money to your pocketbook! No more going to the cleaners to have things hemmed, altered or repaired. You can do it yourself with confidence!
Are you a stay at home parent who are looking for a new skill that can help with the family finances? Just like my friend, former student and sewing partner, Brenda, you can learn to sew, make gifts, make, mend and alter your children's clothing, create items you can sell, offer a service for your community, and then teach your own children to be self-sufficient.
Being raised by parents who not only lived through but also THRIVED during the Great Depresson of the 1930's, I've got lots of tips and tricks to share with you! These folks REALLY understood Sustainable Living in a way most of us have never seen.
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